Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What to Read in 2014

I have been revving myself up for another year's worth of reading. It has made me see that I am a year behind on all the hot, new released titles. I am going to read them anyway. Maybe some of the other blogger's linking up to this rad link up hosted by Liesl at The Spiritual Workout will have next year's hottest books ready to go for you!

Here is my fancy shot of all the books I need to read:

and the pre-order that is not available yet:

Like I need a book on NFP! I sort of can't resist though. Total girl blogging crush on a funny lady. 

I know. I am breaking the rules. That is EIGHT BOOKS. Not the five Liesl specified. Well, if it makes you feel any better, The Van Gogh book is so large, I doubt I will get through it, the Bible will also not be finished, and that brings me down to only six, so let me give you the scoop on the six (or the five left in the photo) I have a shot at finishing in 2014:

Pope Awesome
I have to read everything Cari at Clan Donaldson writes. She is down with Cardinal Dolan AND Jim Gaffigan. Also, she does this brilliant thing with comboxes... for some reason, I am having trouble linking to her page today, but yep. Girl crush.

Daring Greatly
This comes highly recommended from some Cathsorority ladies, so I am diving in. I have no idea what it is about or what I am in for, but it sounds like something that should be fantastic.

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church
This was an Amazon rec. I expect to learn and be brilliant when I am done. 

Life In Spite of Me
I will save this for when I run out of steam in the pro life fight. It is about a young girl who survived abortion.

Lean In
All the cool chicks read it last year, but I really want to focus more on developing my own theories and ideas for women in the workplace and how that meshes with Catholicism and where the heck the holes are in the movement and how to fill them and, and, and....

Hopefully I don't just drop everything to read the fun books first! Simcha and Cari, I'm lookin' at you.

What are you reading? TELL ME.

P.S. I was super excited to do a book link up and ignored that it is a link up for recs not to-reads. So.... here are my recs!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Twitterature (12.16.2013)

Today I am linking up with Modern Mrs Darcy for Twitterature! I am trying to get myself revved up to finish reading one last book for the year, and to get the momentum going I need to finish reading my 2014 list in 2014. So here we go: some fast reviews of the books I actually read!

Mad in America: A well-researched, detailed, and fascinating look at the evolution of the treatment of mental illness in America. Truly eye opening.

The Internet is a Playground: David Thorne does all the things we want to do when we are asked silly or useless questions. Great pallet cleanser!

The Big Book of Women Saints: A look at the lives of women saints, including quotes from many. It gave me a connection and helped me relate to these holy women.

The Sum of My Parts: This book takes you through the devastating abuse Trujillo lived through, and gives a glimpse at what life is like living with mental illness. Lots of tears, but hope as well.

Dad is Fat: Read it in two days! Gaffigan gives a humorous take on life with a big family. Buy his book! I hear he needs a bigger apartment!

Beyond the Sling: A quick read on attachment parenting. My first ever parenting book, and probably my last, but it was informative.

The Long Loneliness: I still have about 25 pages to read, but this is a look at life as an atheist turned Catholic convert who helped begin the Catholic Workers Movement. I appreciate her directness as well as how contrary it is to my own thought. Definitely has given me some things to think about and work through.

There you have it! Please visit the above link for more Twitterature! I'd also like to know: what have you read this year that makes you want to buy a copy for someone else?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

What I Wore Sunday (12.15.2013)


Christmas is almost here! I wanted to do a quick post today, because this is just my favorite Sunday of Advent, and I was able to be slightly liturgically correct and it made me that much more ready for Mass! It is quite possibly the single most awkward photo I have ever taken, but who cares? ADVENT!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Overcoming Internet Sloth.

No, I don't mean that kind of sloth. I mean this kind of sloth.

Don't get me wrong. I have a super, fantastic neighbor that pushes me to get out of the house at least once a month, and children that require the occasional walk (my oldest son also likes to pee outside. Don't judge.) I also run a billion, million, trillion errands and I am active. 

The sort of soth I am afraid of, is research sloth. If I took the time to write "Get a Library Card" on my mile-long To-Do List, and I was patient enough to wait on inter-library loans, I might not have a stack of unread books that I am seriously DYING to read as I work my way through The Long Loneliness (in 45 minute, monthly increments.) Amazon is my friend and foe. I hear about a book online, I see how cheap it is and click buy, because leaving the house is hard. I have not purchased an e-reader, and I love owning books so I can read them and look at them and maybe one day make one of these:

or this:

Maybe I am dealing with a mix of sloth and gluttony. I want the books to loan and high light and study, but how often do I do this these days? I do not fancy myself a collector, but I do love my books and my future, imaginary library. 

The stack of books I was determined to read at the beginning of 2013:

I still have a few pages to go in Mad in America, but I think I get where he is going with it so I doubt I pick it back up (I need the time for other books)  and I did finish Beyond the Sling, but I never cracked the others. Fail. I did read My Dad is Fat though. And buy/ be gifted seven others. At least. 

So, I conclude that I really need to read the books I have. I need a book group, or an extra two hours a day to read. It is normal to function on three hours of sleep, right? Right, then. When I am done checking out the new releases and recommendations online, I will fill you in on my new and improved reading list. Don't hold your breath.

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Few Advent Favorites

This year, I am completely, over the moon excited about Advent and Christmas. I am not sure why: it promises to be busy and hectic, but I am bubbling over with happiness that December is finally here! So, here is a list for you, for no particular reason:


I have to start with O Come, O Come Emmanuel. Have. To. Start. And I just found a Bad Religion cover. What?!
Advent wreaths. 
I made this last year: http://catholicicing.com/advent-wreath-craft-for-catholic-kids/#comment-9986

Here is my wreath. I bought it before kids, and it gives me a heart attack pulling it out each year. Hence the above craft project with the kids!

This is a new favorite: the Saint Andrew Christmas Novena. The prayer is beautiful. It is my first year saying it, but I am so glad that I was introduced to the prayer! Thanks, Cathsorority ladies!

Honestly? Experiencing everything as my children do it for the first few times of their lives. Telling them the story of Christ and how we are waiting for his birth. Figuring out how our family will handle the St. Nick/Santa/Christ issue. Laughing and starting our own traditions. It is just a beautiful time of year!

This looks to be a new Advent tradition: cooking a turkey dinner! So I just have to say that I am looking forward to eating this:

How are you preparing this Advent?

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