Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Violence Begets Violence.

This isn't a political post. It's not really about faith or religion either. It most likely boarders on philosophical, so take off your fight face, kick up your feet, and let's talk for a minute.

I watched this today. I don't watch many videos longer than a gif these days. It was difficult for me to hear her struggle to answer. I'm not a particularly empathetic person, but I felt real empathy for her.

There is a narrative we create about pro-choicers: pro-lifers see them as larger than life, cold hearted baby haters. Vocal pro-choicers want to be heard so desperately, that they help create the caricature. Then pro-choicers can point to the narrative that spins pro-lifers as women hating zealots who seek control over others. We all try to stay focused on the message, the talking points as though the words alone will break down barriers and convince others that WE. ARE. RIGHT.

The extremes exist. Most of us are lumped into the middle. I didn't watch the interview and cringe because she was trying to dehumanize an innocent fetus. A baby. A human. I didn't cringe when they'd talk over each other. He was trying to get her to answer a question, and she was trying to point his attention to something different.

I struggled because it brought the stories of so many women I have known to the surface. Stories that remind me of the cruelty of people.

The woman who's spouse had injured her to the point she had memory loss, and she was forced to relive the custody loss, abuse of her children and abortion she endured once she left. The women I know that are trying to piece together marriages as they crumble, when pregnancy feels devastating. The woman who had escaped her rapist, but only to face the threat of child support enforcement demanding she turn over the name so they could try to get reimbursed for her assistance funds. The woman just trying to find somewhere safe and anonymous to get STD testing after her husband had an affair. The pregnant teen trying to find a way out of an abusive home.

I have dozens of these stories that come to life for me when the abortion debate pops up. These are not just the stories of women I met while I was a domestic and sexual violence advocate. These are women I love. My friends. My family.

The message here is clear: violence begets violence. Abortion is not a single issue. It cannot be reduced to the simple act of an abortion. We have to form our responses to abortion around the issues that more often than not cause abortion.

Pregnant women are more likely to die at the hands of their abuser. Women are forced into abortions to cover up crimes. Women feel such shame and lack of support that they believe abortion is the only way out of "trouble." Why is that?

Violence begets violence. If we are not strong enough to stand up to the violence, the shame, the lack of support that women face, we are not strong enough to end the violence of abortion.

I'd like to put a positive spin on that to end the post, but it's a pretty bleak fact. If we cannot open our eyes to the issues women that are literally all around us are facing, then we don't stand a chance in the face of abortion. Think about that. You don't have to go to another country to find women experiencing violence or being shamed into submission. It is happening to women you know and love. I know that flies in the face of the "you shouldn't have to know them to care" truth, but it is right in our backyards. Homes. Neighborhoods.

It is easy to fight the caricature. It is easy to stick to your talking points, put your fingers in your ears, and try to carve abortion as a single issue that doesn't stem from any reality. But I say again to you:

Violence begets violence.

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