Friday, October 2, 2015

Seven Times When Artists Got Motherhood Right

1.  A million months ago, I saw an Instagram post featuring a Marian statue, talking about how it must be the most beautiful statue of Mary holding Christ ever. All I saw was a tired mama.

I know this glazed over look well. 

Being a tired mama myself, I figured that I could spot one in a crowd. Then a few months shy of a million months ago, another Mary discussion with some Catho ladies over a painting or some form of Marian art happened, and I was inspired to write the most epic of all epic Seven Quick Takes post all about the times that Mary just couldn't even with tiny Jesus.


So, I wasted a bunch of time and never did it. Then I needed to take photos off my phone, so I edited the collection I had and made it all prettier for the post I was never going to write but wanted to write.

Then, today, right after I completely and totally FORGOT to plan for Domestic Violence Awareness Month and realized way late last night that I did not even have a post ready on the subject (Yes, Misty. Thank you for the reminder, friend. I owe you a SB shaken passion tea lemonade. Wait. Is mango the new "in" drink?) so I was goofing around this morning with old posts and graphics and oh yeah I need to update my iTunes playlist and OH THERE ARE THOSE MARYS! So, I lurked around a bit to figure out where SQT was these days, only to find it is retro month.

I know me. If I do not do this now, I never will, so hopefully Kelly won't mind that I didn't theme up, just linked up. Because, like Mary, I sorta can't even this week.

2. Mary reads Jesus' favorite OT passage for the bazillionth time:

Hmmm-mmm. Yes. Rainbows are rad. 
3. Mary was queen of the smell checks.

Is that what I think it- yep. Let's go. 

4. Nursing. The struggle is real.

I wonder if this artist had even seen a woman's anatomy?

5. Mary is my hero. 

Joseph rocks fatherhood.

6. Mary might have some introverted tendencies.

We. Cannot. Possibly. Be. Any. Closer.

7. Where Mary really couldn't even, but she did it anyway.

As a bonus, this was circulating last week, and I couldn't resist sharing. Sorry, that makes 8. 

Oh, strange man baby toddler Jesus. Be nice to your ma.


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