Thursday, March 19, 2015


I was writing about trust last night in my Lenten journal, and I had a bit of an enlightened moment.

Putting my trust in God sometimes means putting my trust in other people.

Now I realize why I am so bad at this.

I am really quite fabulous at pretending to trust when needed, but it isn't something that comes effortlessly to me. I find this to be hilarious, because I am such a rule follower and tend to believe (or trust) everyone else is a rule follower. Then I am let down when no one else follows the rules. (I'm looking at you, line cutters!)

But trust? Forget it. If I can throw you, I might trust you, but I don't go around throwing people very often.

There have been times in my life that I have let go of my control (usually out of exhaustion) and I've been pleasantly surprised that letting go and trusting someone else to help is better than being the one woman island.

Let me go work on that.


  1. Yes, putting our trust in others is our daily fiat, isn't it. I think it is God's way of teaching us to trust in Him. He puts people and situations in our lives through marriage, friends, or people we work with to discern that word trust.

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  3. Fyi, it is very difficult to leave comments. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. This was interesting. I have trouble asking for help. That requires trust in a different way but is still trust. God, people, teust...interesting...

  4. It is tough to comment on a mobile device on Blogger. :/


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