Monday, March 9, 2015

Planner Talk

This isn't much of a mommy blog or a life style blog or... well I don't know how to label it really, but I though I would join For Love of Cupcakes for a planner link up, because I don't get much of anything accomplished without my planner. My mind used to be a steel trap, but now I forget everything.

I don't like the idea of electronic calendars. Too easy. So, I like to go for a paper planner. I have been very happy with the one I currently use for three years, though if I find a Catho planner with hour lines SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

This week is a boring week, but I have a highlighter color system, and a to-do list on to-do list Post-Its, 

Planner accessories: my paper address book (stamps are inside!), more Post-Its, colored pens, high lighters (both Sharpie brand), and paperclips. 

I also adore the Post-It pockets. I need to go buy some more, but I like being able to have business cards with my planner, and other items that I am saving for one reason or another. I upgraded this year to the full sized Catholic Daily Planner and I like having a bigger planner now. 

Because I am so retro, I have a giant dry erase calendar in the kitchen and every month I copy the various schedules onto the calendar (Calvin loves to be apprised of the monthly goings on) then I snap a photo of the calendar and send it to the husband's work email so he knows what I know. 



  1. Ooo are the post it pockets sticky on the back?? I have plastic pockets that separate sine sections in my filofax and I absolutely love them!

    Also that St Francis crucifix on your cover is one of my fave kinds of crucifixes!

    Thanks for linking up!!


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