Friday, January 23, 2015

Why I Still Love Goldie Blox

A few years ago, I jumped onto the Goldie Blox train and really never looked back. My daughter is only three right now, but I have a set of Goldie Blox stashed in the closet for when the comes that she is old enough to play with them.

I've heard talk about how this particular idea is condescending or makes assumptions about girls that feed the boy/girl toy ridiculousness. Maybe that talk is correct. Here is what my daughter is teaching me about little girls:

Some little girls like ribbons, glitter, and all things pink no matter how much their moms do not understand it.

STOP. Do not attempt to revoke my feminist card. I know I am already on probation, but hear me out. Yes, I still seriously eye roll at the Lego Friends set ups with their hair salon set ups, and the pink aisle makes me throw up in mouth a little bit. My bad ass, action figure daughter happens to love the color pink, and will happily wrestle her brothers in a tutu so my argument against pink feels a bit deflated these days.

If my pink, TMNT ballerina was given the choice, she'd grab a Goldie Blox set up in a heart beat. Maybe she'd only pick it up because it had pastel colors or a cute blonde cartoon on the box. Does it matter why girls like a toy? If the goal of this grass roots company was to get little girls interested in engineering, SUCCESS! Well played, ma'am. I want to buy all your merchandise and broaden the playroom's horizons a bit beyond ponies, so you win, my friend. (For real. Look at all these things that even the He-man playing little 80's girl writing this wants to own.)

Thank God for little girls like Hattie. It is not just my closed mind that she alters. She now has three brothers that love them some wheels and dinosaurs, but do you know what toy is most likely to cause a knock-down, drag out fight?

A sparkly My Little Pony named Strawberry Sunrise.

The guys check out the ponies while Hattie is otherwise occupied.


  1. I will offer up eye-witness testimony to all of the above. And don't forget how you tried to "nurse" Tiger-o from the Thundercats while I was nursing your brother.
    But those boys will sneak those Ponies away from Hattie while she's playing cars. It's hilarious!

  2. I struggle with this all myself. I get it and then I don't. My daughter is still too little to see how this all factors into things. I think this may kind of be a generational thing, because for us who were in science prior to the girl initiative, these things just didn't exist, so we have a hard time trying to see the good in them. I don't think it dumbs it down one bit, just not sure how it comes all together. However, it is more fascinating to me that it seems more okay for the boys to play with girl toys now. I have a boy who is in love with pink. Anyway, good thoughts here. Keep posting!

  3. I'm not the sort of girl it would have appealed to but as a mom these sorts of options in the pink aisle are welcomed. If it can be educational and meet a girl's ascetic sweet spot I'm all for it. I also get how it can induce some eye rolling for those that were naturally drawn to science.
    I completely blanked here: so glad you commented! It reminded me I do know a few science ladies to talk to about this!


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