Monday, January 19, 2015

Sheenazing! 2015! All the Exclamation Points!

You will have to excuse me this week. I get really jazzed about the Sheenazing Blogger Awards. So Jazzed. JAZZED. I don't care how many times I do not win, the fact that readers think I am worth of a nomination for anything makes me JAZZED. So, look at how pretty it is this year:

Thank you again for thinking other people should know how under-appreciated I am! So, a few things:

1. WOW. Nominated under Cathofeminism with a HM under Jess. I have a major identity crisis now.

2. This inspired me to create a survey. I am going to spend some time thinking about it, but it should be up sometime this month. I want to chat about the blog name and content.

3. I can think of no better time to remind all you super cool party people that ye olde blog can be social media'd in many ways: Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. So here is a challenge for you: head over to your favorite and share the page or your favorite post. Let's see if we can get this little corner of the Internet a Sheenazing Award this year!

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