Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Five Favorites: The Breastfeeding and Picky Mom Edition

I have a few other posts in the works over the next several days, but I have a sleepy Thor on my lap, so this should be an easy one to write up!

I do not like breastfeeding. It is a little too much physical contact for me, but I have picked up a few favorite items that have made it much more bearable. Since breastfeeding is pretty much all I do these days, I thought I would share the items that make it a little easier! I'm not getting anything for suggesting the brands below. They are just my favorites!

Quality Nursing Bras. My first rodeo, I just purchased some from Motherhood and assumed they would get me through. I assumed wrong. The fit was always wrong, and the material was itchy or bunchy or pokey... I ended up destroying my regular bras in the short 4 months I nursed my oldest. The next time around was also filled with uncomfortable and crawl out of your skin unsupportive bras. So, I got smart. I hit up ladies on the internet for their favorites, and I came up with a few really great options! (Soma, Breakout Bras, and Linda's Online if you were wondering.)

Nursing Tanks. I did not invest in nursing clothing of any kind until I had my third babe, so there were many ill-fitting button ups and lifting up the shirt moments. So awkward. Enter Undercover Mama. These tanks doubled my nursing time, no joke. They turn any shirt you own into a nursing shirt, and I felt much more confident not having skin hanging out as I nursed. 

Boppy. A nursing pillow is a must for me. Incredibly helpful. I find the Boppy to be great but there are others on the market. 
Versatile bottoms. Jeans are rough postpartum, so I like to stick to skirts or yoga pants. I feel a bit more put together than I do wearing sweats or clothes that are ill-fitting. I like New York & Company and Old Navy Active Wear for yoga pants. They are a bit thicker and come in long lengths. 

Momzelle shirts. This is a new favorite, but I FOUND my nursing shirt! Momzelle was a Zulily find for me, and I had to run to their site and raid the clearance/sale racks. I love them. They have a counterpart in Canada with equally amazing stuff. These are the tops I love, because it negates the need for layers. In Houston, that is a must!

These are a few items that help me to handle nursing for longer, so I hope that in sharing I help someone else to find something that works for them!

Thanks to Jenna for hosting!


  1. Great ideas... I've nursed four babies until about two years old so I hear you on breastfeeding. :) I actually just weaned my little one three weeks ago.
    One.. try Bravado nursing Bras..oh my word, love them. Totally agree on the Motherhood.
    I used to have a Momzelle shirt, LOVED IT!

    stopping by from the linky. Andrea @ #realmomstye

    1. I have had Bravado recommended, but the sizes are limited, so I have not tried Bravado yet! Thanks for mentioning it!

  2. The boppy is a must! It is uncomfortable to nurse without one

  3. Man, a good quality bra is the stuff life is made of! Until 7pm hits...then the best part of the day is taking it off ha!


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