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Our "travel" Advent Wreath.
 Here's a link to make your own!
This Advent was going to be a particularly hectic one for me. I spent most of the season pregnant...

Arthur Eugene made his way into the world 10 days ago. minimalist was what I was striving to achieve. I wanted to focus on preparing for the birth of Jesus. I don't know if you all know this, but it is hard to get kids that are five and under interested in Advent. We have a particularly rambunctious 20-month old running around, so I opted for a small tree on a (very) high surface, and kept my very breakable Advent wreath boxed away. I bought an advent calendar and a paper Jesse Tree we could make together (We promptly fell behind after week one.) and my aunt sent a lovely book about the nativity for the kids to read. I'm not sure how much they really absorbed, but Hattie and Calvin were very excited to see how many candles were lit at Mass each week. 
Calvin: This is a story about Baby Jesus, his people, and Advent City.
 Then, Jesus said "I want a kitty!"

Advent City?

In short, I felt as though I was mostly preparing for Arthur's birth, and not so much for the birth of Christ. As I listened to the homily about preparation in Mass this morning (our first Mass as a family of six with four kids that could potentially burst into tears at any moment) I thought about my own ability to answer the question:

Are you prepared for the birth of our Lord?

I honestly do not know, but I know I have four(ish) days to try to get there. In case any of you are in the same boat, I thought I would share a few things I have up my sleeve. 

1. I plan to listen to The Oh Hellos Christmas album. Often. I know, I know, Christmas music, BUT. One of the movements definitely contains my favorite version of 'O Come, O Come Emmanuel' (Please, please, PLEASE release a cover of the song in its entirety. Thank you.)

2. Liesl was asking about one of my favorite pieces of modern Marian art the other day, so I was browsing through the artist's page, which reminded me of something:

Nellie Edwards- Adoration
The artist has titled this piece "Adoration" and I really can't get over how fantastic it is to think about Christmas or the nativity as adoration. Over the past ten days, our family has been looking at our newest member in awe, and I can't begin to fathom how incredible it must have been to be in the presence of Christ at his birth, and to look at Him in His infancy. Perhaps I am way hormonal and the birth of my own child drives home this point in a particularly moving way, but I believe that will be the key to my own mental and spiritual preparedness for the duration of this Advent season. 

3. We will also finish the Jesse Tree. Mark my words...

Poor, sad Jesse Tree.

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