Tuesday, September 2, 2014

No Tears.

I am going to go ahead and take a minute away from all the serious and worthwhile topics that I should be discussing here to share a first world problem.

I did not plan this whole school thing very well.

Calvin will be going to school two days a week, and one of those days is the morning after my late night with Jesus. Which also happened to be today.

In case you were wondering, it is a real treat to wake up before your alarm goes off. It is even better if it is the ear drum bursting screams of your four year old and two year old that pulls you out of your REM-less slumber before you have had a chance to shower and before the youngest should be awake.

Close your eyes. Imagine opening your bedroom door to see the four year old sitting on the two year old. He is wrenching her arm back at an odd angle and she has a death grip on what little hair he has, as he screams, "POOP SPIDER!" into her ear. More screaming drifts up the stairs and threatens to shatter the barely there window of time you will have to shower before the third terror  snowflake wakes up as he always does: sounding as though he is mid-Freddy Krueger nightmare. That is it. Back to your rooms, all of you, and so help me if you slam that door...

I tell you all this to preface the following statement:

I freaking love school.

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  1. This is why your mom always did the happy dance on the first day of school. But I do love you, all three of you. Trust me.


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