Thursday, August 7, 2014

Parenting Books Part I

I'm not really the parenting book type of mom. I own a copy of What to Expect When You are Expecting and I have not touched it since I was pregnant the first time. During Calvin's toddler year without a sibling, I was beyond bored and yet the busiest I had ever been. I felt as though I had no time for God, or me, or both. So I bought The Handbook for Catholic Moms. I promptly spent the next two weeks feeling like a total failure as a parent for not being able to incorporate my prayer life into the active life of my son. We had a bit of a difficult time about then, so I signed up for the online forums to try to get some support from the community, even if the book wasn't really for me. My question sat unanswered for months, so I deleted the post and my account. I was officially off any book that had to do with parenting.

This. Every day.

When I was pregnant with Frank, I found out Mayim Bialyik was interesting in a refreshingly different way from her Blossom days, and had written a book. As I was having my third child on earth and only owned a double stroller, I was exploring the world of baby wearing for the first time, and her book was called Beyond the Sling. I was curious.

See? The first outing with two kids.
Hattie is perilously balanced on the cart and Calvin passed out with worry.
We barely survived.

It was shocking to realize that the parenting Matt and I were doing had a striking resemblance to about half of what Bialyik called attachment parenting. There were several chapters I skipped over or merely skimmed (Sorry. Elimination Communication is just not for me.) and the book really had little to do with why I thought I was buying it, but it did reinforce my belief in not relying on parenting books. 

Enter Edel. 

I was all sorts of happy to hear we were getting swag bags for attending. I love getting stuff. I claimed my seat on the end of a row and started digging. The most surprising item (other than the pillowcase) was the book, Momnipotent. 

I've heard of it in the Catho grapevine. I'm on a reading kick right now, and desperately trying to avoid starting my giant Van Gogh read. So I've been reading it. I'm not sure that I have picked up anything earth shattering yet, but I do have a few things I have been mulling over that I would like to share and hopefully discuss. 

Tomorrow, I will dig through some of the notes I have taken and I would love to hear your input! Be prepared, online blogging community. I am going to need you to comment on tomorrow's post! 


  1. I know I'm biased, but the pictures you use are ALWAYS hilariously accurate. and adorable.

  2. I wants that one... please be honest.. like you're ever not! that's why you so awesome.

  3. Okay, I picked that book up at a homeschool conference in June, quickly flipped through it and decided it was not for me. I own Danielle's other books, and while I enjoyed them, I decided that I was past that phase in my life (need mom books phase). What can I say, my attitude has been rather down lately. Anyway, I am looking forward to reading your thoughts about the book. Seriously, I can not wait. I would love for you to tell me that I am wrong and that I need that book. :)

  4. Okay, I have started reading this book countless times but as usual I am always reading too many books at once and the novels win out over the how-to's every time. ;-) However, now that I know you are reading it to I'll crack it back open. :-)


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