Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Five Favorites: Charitable Contributions

I am linking up today with a few places (Heather, and Bright Maidens) to talk about charitable organizations that I love. They tend to fall into three categories: Donated,  Want to Donate, and Those I Wish Counted. 


1. The Sunshine Lady Foundation (WISP): SLF is a program I heard about during my days as an advocate. From what I can see now, the scholarship program assists women that have sought assistance from a domestic and sexual violence program and wish to continue their education. When I was an advocate, there were also funds set aside for advocates. I am eternally grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to have nearly half of my MBA paid for through a WISP scholarship. Any time I see a request in my email or mail box, I see what I can come up with to help.

2. The Guiding Star Project: Who doesn't love a good pro life organization? I love the idea of seeing Guiding Star centers pop up all over the place. A brand name in women's care seeking holistic care to compete with Planned Parenthood is a winner in my book every time.

3. Race For Freedom: The day you see me running a 5K is the day the world has come to an end, but a close friend is involved with this race in Wichita, KS. We met up when I was visiting as the first race was getting off the ground, and I have bought a shirt every year. The race raises awareness and money to help combat sex trafficking in Wichita by raising funds for ICT S.O.S.

Want to Donate

4. Save the Storks: For purely selfish reasons, I want a Save the Stork shirt. It is the best kind of gravy that this organization has a pro life model that reaches women thinking about abortion on the front line. I do plan to add them to my list of charitable organizations, but for now I am always checking out the t-shirts.

See? Adorable.

5. Kiva: Is less a charity, and more a microfinance institution. You can loan as little as $25 to a female entrepreneur who otherwise is unable to support her craft, and over time, you are paid back and can lend again! Brilliance.

Those I Wish Counted (Bonus)

6. KickStarter: I was in my OB's waiting room when we got word that a new pope had been decided on. I was very enthusiastic, but directly after hearing this, I read a story about a tweet from Kristen Bell. I was totally annoyed because I thought the Veronica Mars reference she made was a joke, and she was minimizing the new pope! Then, I figured out what the big deal was: they were raising money for a VM movie and I wanted in. I've also donated money to help a small movie pay for distribution that was funded (all the fantastic Backer incentives totally play a role in my participation) and hopefully, my recent pledge gets off the ground, because I would love a Poe shirt. I call it Supporting the Arts.

What are your favorite charitable organizations and why?


  1. Hi Jess! I love Save the Storks and Guiding Star! Thanks for introducing me to some new ones, too! thanks for linking up:)

  2. A number of these are new to me. I just recently heard of Save the Storks. I'll have to check them out. Thanks for introducing them. :-)


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