Monday, June 30, 2014

Fighting the Urge to Use a Logan Echolls Quote as My Title

Does anyone else struggle with using too many pop culture references that no one understands? Just me? Okay, great.

This is not the one I wanted. I was going for " Ugh, all right, stay on message, Logan."

Here it is. Hobby Lobby vs. Sebelius. Suddenly, the HHS mandate matters to scores and scores of people. Suddenly, there are people outraged, and their outrage matters. Wait. Backtrack a few years. Indeed, there has been outrage since day one of the HHS mandate, but the outrage of some did not matter then.

Lest I forget the charity hat I am often accused of leaving at home, I'll just move on to my point: America, you are doing it wrong. 

Why are we arguing over what our employers should and should not provide us when it comes to healthcare, when the real concern is healthcare being associated with our employment in the first place? 

The problem with band aid solutions, is that you end up needing more band aids to contain the bleeding. If you plan to fix something, or wish to advocate for our politicians to fix something, fix it right.

Access to healthcare doesn't do any good if:

1. The system is broken.

2. Healthcare is not affordable.

3. It pits the rights of one against the rights of another.

When you create a band aid solution (I maintain the ACA is in fact a band aid for a healthcare system that needs serious surgery.) things only get worse. Costs are still rising. Remember those "copay free" well-child doctor visits? Insurance companies are now picking and choosing what services they will or will not cover that used to be routine screenings. It's no longer free, and it never was free. True reform of the system is not being required, we just have access to healthcare. 

Women's healthcare is still less than par. Take all the "free" birth control they will throw at you, but you are not being treated with dignity if they do not bother to understand women's health. 

There is a reason insurance companies were so willing to comply, and there is a very real reason that many in this nation are not willing to comply. The conversation should not be about employers and birth control. It should be about the dignity of a human life, and true healthcare reform. Until true reform is a reality, you bet your sweet Aspercreme I believe in allowing employers to follow their conscience. 

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  1. Very true! The last paragraph is brilliant. I wish other people could see it so clearly.


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