Wednesday, April 9, 2014

No. I are a genius.

As someone who frequents the Internet, I also end up in Internet death matches discussions. After observing Calvin (4) and Hattie (2.5), I feel I have a new insight as to what these "Internet discussions" must really look like to more "evolved" folks:

Calvin: Mom, is the kitty from Kansas coming?
Me: (delayed) No. But we have a kitty.
Hattie: Kitty is at home.
Calvin: Why does one kitty and two kitties mean three?
Me: I don't know.
Calvin: I know that 1 equals 4 is 3.
Me: You mean '4-1=3'?
Calvin: Yep. I'm a genius.
Hattie: I a genius.
Calvin: NO.
Hattie: Yes. I are a genius.
Calvin: NO.
Hattie: Yes. Go to sleep Calvin, I'm mad at you. We are going home?
Me: Yes.
Hattie: See? I a genius.
Calvin: I'm going to trap you. I'm going to set a trap and you will fall in. Then the genius will be all mine.
Hattie: No. I a genius. Ha ha.

"I'll see your obnoxious post and raise you an insufferable diatribe."

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