Friday, March 7, 2014

Three Reasons I Love Lent

I am linking up again today with Micaela for Three Reasons I Love Lent. Last night (early this morning) was the first time I had been able to make it to adoration in over three years. It was a part of my faith life that was sorely missed. I wanted to share with you some things that I was thinking about last night.

Finding some joy in sacrifice. Lent is not easy for many reasons, one being I love meat and really need to just admit that I am not a fan of fish. I have always seen fish as Lent. Why would I eat it if I didn't have to? Anyway, there is a joy that comes from the sacrifices we make during Lent. I see it radiate throughout social media this time of year, and it is a nice reminder of community and the forever growing yet shrinking Catho-circle. This joy is small and comes at the expense of giving something of ourselves to God, but it culminates at Easter, and it is just really lovely.

The liturgical simplicity. When I was growing up, the church I attended always cut the processional hymn during Lent and (even as a child that made up her own words to "Here I Am, Lord") there was something powerful in what was missing. We are at our new parish for the first Lenten Season, and on Ash Wednesday there was some piano during the Mass, but no singing. Now, I have no idea if they keep that up throughout Lent, but it was such a powerful reminder of what this season means. 

God's Gratuitous Presence. Life is wonderfully busy. It is stressful and there is never enough time. Lent forces me to reconnect and readjust my life. Last night, I busted open the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church. 

It is exciting to finally be digging in, but a bit tedious, I will admit. The title of Chapter 1 is "God's Gratuitous Presence." That is such a calming and exciting thought! A part of the chapter linked to Exodus 3:14 and Moses' encounter with God, so it gave me a great reason to break open my study bible that I bought a year ago (ahem) and continue on down the rabbit hole. A version of the translation for I AM WHO AM can be "He who causes to be." Incredible. It also made me think of Count of Monte Cristo. 
Edmond: Can I never escape Him?
Mercedes: No, He is in everything.


  1. My daughter is a freshman in high school and just finished "Count." I've never read it, but now feel I must. God bless!

  2. Great post! I found you from Micaela's blog. I, too, really love the connection of sacrifice and joy. God is so paradoxical, and that's a great comfort.

  3. Yes, to all of this Jess. Today at Mass there was only a single bell to signal the procession and no sound for the recessional. Powerful. Extremely powerful.

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Jess
    LOVE! I am so happy to have found you!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog through the Keep Love carnival...I so enjoyed and was inspired by the 3 Reasons post.....excellent. You have a new follower. I look fwd to reading more!

    Havea great night!

  5. Great blog post. :) I always dread going into the Lent season because of the sacrifice it calls for. But I never fail to be spiritually nourished through the voluntary physcial deprivation during this time, and at Easter I am more fully able to appreciate what God gave us. Interesting tidbit...I usually experience more humilty (via being humiliated after I do stupid things) during Lent. :)


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