Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.

I grew up watching Saturday Night Live with my dad. Bad years, good years, and even the years they don't replay on TV anymore. When we lived in Florida, one of the hardest things was that SNL didn't come on until 11:30pm, so I started recording it. It is still one of the first things that my uncle and I chat about when I go to visit family. I even have Trivial Pursuit: SNL, though it has only been played three times. I've read the book. I have a t-shirt. If I had a bucket list, going to see the show live would be on it.

I have known for years that it is a pretty biased show. The political humor is good when they go for it on both sides of the aisle. The show is great when they have a host that is willing to poke fun at themselves. I was bummed to hear Lena Dunham was hosting. It is sitting on my DVR, and I have yet to watch it because she promotes a brand of feminism that is seriously misguided, as evidenced by one of her skits from Saturday.

The skit starts out as a jewelry party, and ends as a Planned Parenthood advertisement. While it is "poking fun" at a men's rights activist, the dialogue paints the picture that only men's rights activists (that also advocate against equal pay for men and women) would be against such a fab organization as PP. Because feminism.

I am not going to link to the skit. You can look it up, but it is sort of a yawn other that the glaring stereotypes and misinformation. I don't care if it was the best watched episode of the season (it wasn't) or if it was the least watched (it wasn't), but I do care how the pro life movement responds to the episode. From what I have seen, it was pretty disrespectful and not at all dignified.

It is frustrating to me to see members of the pro life community believing that they can spout off some bible nonsense, mention the devil, insult someone's appearance, and call her a "whore" and then turn around and say that they support the dignity of all human life. 

If you support the dignity of human life, act like it. That means every life, whether they agree with you or not, has value. 

Abortion clinics are not closing because we throw the best insults. They do not open when pro life protesters are being assaulted. The laws are changing because abortion is not moral and more pro life supporters are taking a stand. I have had numerous conversations with members of the pro choice community who say that the rate at which legal abortion is disappearing is alarming and they are concerned at what this means for women that are scared and facing abuse or rape with no support. 

I would love to see the men and women wasting their time insulting and degrading a public figure put that effort into securing funding for pro life resources for women that need support with an unplanned pregnancy. Maybe if there was more of that happening, we wouldn't be stereotyped as men's rights activists and women haters on SNL.


  1. Jess, I used to look forward to every Saturday evening to watch SNL, and remember my father watching it when I was a kid as well. I could hear him upstairs from the basement where I slept, laughing especially loud when the news portion came on. So there are many good memories. But in time, I couldn't watch it any longer. My sensitivity as a mother and Christian kicked in full force and I haven't watched it in a few years. So I do understand the general sentiments of some. What is unfortunate is the way we go about expressing our frustration. You're right that there are better ways to verbalize these things. I think this means that we are all still sinners and that we will always battle temptations against holiness and our need for God. I do think that those of us who call ourselves Christian are held to a higher standard. We need to just keep praying for one another and shining our lights as brightly as possible.

    1. Prayer is a powerful tool, and I hope gently calling out those among us that say things that are unkind is as well!


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