Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Because, Civic Duty?

This is the conversation I had with my four year old about 10 times this morning:

Calvin: I don't want to vote. Why are we voting?
Me: Because it is my civic duty to vote.
Calvin: Why?
Me: Because it is. Get in the car.
Calvin: Why?
Me: Because we need to decide who our country's leaders are.
Calvin: No, why do I need to get in the car?

I wish I had the four year old vocabulary to tell him that I vote and this Hollywood-ified image comes to mind:

That I vote because women before me did not have the right to vote and that I was born with it because of them. 

This and other clever memorabilia from the area

I want to be able to explain that voting is particularly important to me as a Catholic Woman. 

Today, it is raining and cold. There are broken limbs all over the place from ice on the top of the trees. This is the third state I have registered to vote in since the birth of my oldest son. He comes with me every time that I vote or go pick up a yard sign. For this primary, he went with his father as well. Today, I will remind myself that he is four and really attached to playing cars after lunch and his routine. I will remind myself that he sees his parents actions, and that is pretty powerful as well. 

2012 Election

Activists, yo.

Telling Mitt a knock-knock joke.

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  1. Darling kids who are learning great lessons. You won't always hear them agreeing, but that doesn't mean you should start stopping. :)


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