Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vintage Advertisements

Business Insider, Mar 2012

Sometimes, I am just a glutton for rage. I am not sure why I click on stories that I know are going to bug me, but I do. The advertisement above came from such an article, only, those ads really aren't so vintage are they? They existed in my grandmother's lifetime. It was not so long ago that these sorts of ads ran in magazines and newspapers. How different are they from these?


Or these? (I won't lie: I laughed at both these concepts. Maybe they were geared towards trying to get men into the supermarkets. Maybe they were just sexist. Either way, it is hard to say the ads of the 1950s are completely extinct.)

Or today's gendered marketing?

How will I know what tools are for me?!

Boys and girls clearly need different bibles.

We are clearly in a better place with advertising in this day and age. Clearly.

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