Thursday, February 20, 2014

The New Newness

In an effort to simplify before I become so mega famous that I can't go back, I have changed some things around the blog. I have my reasons:

1. Ever since the word 'adorkable' was used, I have barely tolerated the 'push two words together and make a new word' craze. I was caught up in the moment. Cathofeminism was how I felt!

Now that the giddiness has subsided, I realize I am not starting a movement: I am adding my voice to a fantastic (and existing) movement! So, I will just be me.

The New Newness:

I even set up a few other accounts, so help me figure out Tumblr and Twitter! (I will work on setting up Instagram and possibly Pinterest, but I am adverse to change. I am taking it slow!)

Twitter: @jessfayette

The new webpage:

So, thanks for following, and let's see if we can grow a little bit! 


  1. If you figure out twitter, let me know! I'm still very confused on that one, but have joined it... Sort of. :)

    1. I have spent some time on Twitter in the last 24 hours. Lost. LOST.

  2. I'm a recent Catholic convert, and I love your blog. I read every post, but rarely (never?) comment. However, what is it that drives me to finally hit up the comment section? Is is a really important theological idea? A question? Awesome inspiration? Nooo. It's to say that I love your first GIF and L-O-actually-L'ed at it.

    1. Ha! Ron Swanson, all. the. way. I am glad you enjoy the page! :)


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