Monday, February 3, 2014

Pope Awesome, Goldie Blox and The Guiding Star Project

Last night, I was able to finish reading Pope Awesome by Cari Donaldson. In case you need a few visuals:


My To-Read List is actually getting smaller! Pope Awesome is a book that I want to buy for at least five people. It is such an authentic look at family and faith life, and it (almost) makes me want to home school and go buy a huge van. Just kidding about the van. And probably the home schooling.

In other news, I did not watch the Super Bowl, but I knew that Goldie Blox had won a contest for commercial time. 

My daughter is only two, and I want to go buy all the sets. Sometimes, it is really super hard for me to remember that she should be allowed to like what she wants to like, even if it is pink and sparkly. I am eating major crow now that she is a little bit past pirates and loving princesses (she thinks they are superheroes) and fashion. She is exactly the type of child that would love Goldie Blox because of the color and the story lines. I have seen a bit of push back on the subject, because they are toys designed to inspire a love of engineering and the like in young girls, and they are (like most toys marketed to girls) pastel and pink. I think we have to be bigger than that. Pink and pastels are good. So are other colors. This is a small company, with a refreshingly clear message: Toys for Future Innovators. I for one would hate for my daughter to miss out on this type of toy. Also, the shirts are fantastic!

Lastly, The Guiding Star Project had some amazing news this morning! They are opening a Maternity Home and our first Guiding Star Center in Bryan/College Station, TX! Head over to the new affiliate site for more information, and please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they get organized and set up shop!


  1. Pope Awesome is going on my large to-read book pile! I cannot wait! :)

  2. I love GoldieBlox and can't wait to get a set for Lu. I was surprised at all the push back from people! Good gracious, I'm all for gender neutral but sometimes we just have to suck it up and get down with the pink and glittery.


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