Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Pile Shakes As I Hit 80 on the Open Road

I'd like to say that I had a grand idea for this past weekend: replicate my husband and son's road trip with my daughter. That isn't really how it went down, though. The reality was, I wanted to make the drive to visit my parents and a friend, but I felt guilty leaving Matt alone with three kids for a weekend when I pretty much did that the weekend before. So, Hattie and I packed a bag, and had a girls weekend.

It was really QUIET. Hats was perfectly lovely the entire trip. There was no screaming or fighting, and I had a chance to find out what she is all about sans brothers: doctors, butterflies, and ponies. For some reason, her confidence surprised me. I know that we were only around family and people she is familiar with, but she rocked the hand on the hip and talked a mile a minute unless she was sleeping. In the fall, Calvin will go to school, and I was a bit worried how she would handle the void when he is at school. Now I know it will be quiet and she is already a leader. I should not be surprised by her confidence. After all, aren't we raising our children to know they are enough?

 The weekend was a good opportunity for me to get to know my daughter. Some highlights:

-Everywhere we went, she stopped to introduce herself to someone. "I'm Hattie. Nice to meet you. This is my mom."

-I went out to dinner with a friend, and Hattie stayed at my mom's. She slept most of the time, so we got back to the hotel room and she wanted "lunch". Watching her eat a turkey sandwich at midnight and then crawl into bed with a smile has to be on my All Time Greatest Moments list.

-While in Kansas, we hit up a Target. She is into dress up right now, and we found a pair of butterfly wings and a "king crown". Once we were at home, she was flitting around the living room wearing them both:
Hattie: I need my butterfly wings and my king crown. I'm a king.
Calvin: You mean princess?
Hattie: No. King.


  1. What a great opportunity for some one-on-one time. Seems like Hattie really shone on her own for a little bit! I think I was a lot like her. My brother was 14m older than me and I know my mom worried a lot about how I would manage when my "built-in-best-friend" went to school, but I showed her a more independent side of myself she hadn't seen before.

    1. Yes, that! You know, I wouldn't be worried, but at the park and at play dates, she is just upset that her brother isn't playing with her so she doesn't really interact with other kids. I hope that fades with age!

  2. I LOVE that photo!!! Looks like you guys are having a blast!


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