Saturday, February 15, 2014


I am sitting here in my (mostly) clean living room, thinking about going to the Guiding Star Brazos Valley Launch Party tomorrow. I am marveling at the way God puts things in my path.

I have written about "falling into" advocacy, and something very similar is happening right now. Close to two years ago, I joined an NFP Facebook group, looking for a place to ask questions and get information. When I found I had a voice that I wanted heard, and began this project, that group brought me to organizations like The Guiding Star Project, New Wave Feminists, and New Feminism. It showed me that there are indeed more women like myself that seek equality for women, but not at the expense of our children. I desperately needed to know this. Further more, I desperately needed to reaffirm that fighting to end violence and sexual assault against women did not have to support the added violence of abortion.

So, before I become too goofy and sappy and nostalgic, I wanted to take some time this gorgeous Texas afternoon to draw some attention to pro life organizations that I believe truly are turning the pro life cause on its side, and changing it from the inside-out FOR THE BETTER.

The Guiding Star Project

I know this one is fairly obvious as I try to find the time to be a part of the blogging team, but for real: a center that wants looks like this:

AND it seeks to provide holistic medical care to women, Has that whole Brazos valley thing going on, AND AND AND wants to provide a brand name to rival Planned Parenthood? This is not just lip service. This is providing an answer.

New Wave Feminists

I love it when strong women provide an alternative look at what pro life can be. It is not just the stereotypical group praying rosaries outside of clinics (but PRAY away, peaceful protesters and sidewalk counselors, we need you!). It is not just Catholics. It is not just old, white, male politicians that are out of touch. It is women with a voice. (And Destiny listens to awesome music as a bonus.)

Save The Storks

I think what I secretly love about Save the Storks, is that I loved that old MTV show Pimp My Ride, and so I harbor a deep fondness for tricked out vehicles. Tricked out vans with sono equipment inside and resources for women that are pregnant and need help?

And Then There Were None

This one might be my favorite. If you want to dismantle the abortion industry, how about helping all their trained employees find work elsewhere in the healthcare industry? Enter Abby Johnson and ATTWN.

Since the start of this ministry, they have helped 95 workers find work outside of the abortion industry. Fantastic.

You throw all these organizations together, and you are talking about some serious pro life upheaval. Love it. Get excited.

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