Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What We Are Reading Wednesday: (01.29.2014)

Big news this week: I finished reading Daring Greatly. It is not even the end of January yet! So here are a few thoughts and highlights for you.

Guess where I poached this from?

This is totally not my kind of book. It was getting some seriously good press from some Cathsorority ladies, and so I wanted to give it a shot. I am glad that I did for a few reasons:

1. There is a great section that sheds a little more light on the subject of men and pornography that I had not considered prior to reading the book. As Brown is a self-described shame researcher, I could have anticipated this, but I didn't. Slammed me upside the head like a two-by-four. It is interesting to step outside of the "porn is an industry that harms women!" protest to remember that shame effects men as well. 

2. I enjoyed the section on disengagement as well. Brown notes the connection between shame and disengaging: politically, religiously, and in relationships. This made me think about how our media has latched on to Pope Francis. In a world where so many feel unconnected to leaders, our wonderful Pope Francis is renewing that connection. People outside the church see him as a leader and can identify with him.

3. Brown also write about parenting and leadership in a corporate/work setting. As much as I did not think I was going to ever read a parenting book, I read a parenting book. I also picked up a few tricks!

You can find Brown's manifestos on her site. If you are like me and have to fight for reading time, it might be easier to peruse her site, and catch snippets that way.

I started reading Pope Awesome last night. I can't put it down!  As a cradle Catholic, conversion stories suck me in. I love to hear about how people find the Catholic Church.

In an effort to remember to read more with the kids, we moved some of the books downstairs. The BabyLit books are clear favorites. My daughter insists on reading Anna Karenina every day. 

There you have it: what we are reading. Check out more over at:


  1. Man, that Brene Brown book has been on my to-read list forever too. And I've been holding myself back from buying that Anna Karenina, but I will probably buy it soon, I've got most of the other Baby Lit books!

  2. Lol! My high school senior is reading Anna Karenina right now. I should get the board book for him to take to class. I have never heard of Daring Greatly, thanks for the tip about reading the website, and for linking up!

    1. It is a "fashion primer" so you know, deep stuff. It's really cute. My two year old is in an accessory phase, so it's perfect. I should at least watch the movie. Ha!

  3. Pope Awesome keeps getting rav reviews, I'm adding it to my wishlist


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