Thursday, January 2, 2014

My "Most" Posts for 2013

Hopping on to the "Most" Posts of 2013 link up this morning!

Post with the most clicks

By far, the post with the most clicks in 2013 was Victoria's Secret Alternatives.

Post with the most comments

This was a tie for two WIWS posts. Hmm. Maybe I should just be a fashion blogger.

WIWS (01.06.2013)

WIWS (01.27.2013)

Post with the best picture

I think my post Five Favorites (08.21.2013) Baby Items has two of my favorite photos ever.

Post that was hardest to write

I worked fairly hard on a set of posts that discuss women and the workforce. Hard, because that kind of thing doesn't get much attention, and hard because my thoughts are not fully developed on the subject.

Part One (I can't bring myself to write the lame-o titles.)

Part Two

Post that was your personal favorite (not your readers' favorite- your favorite)

I am a big fat cheater, and there are two posts that I cannot choose between. One post I wrote for The Guiding Star Project, but wrote up the full text on the blog, and the other features my daughter.


Full Text for A Sexual Assault Conversation: Part Two

Now head over the link up and pick up some new blogs!

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