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Five Favorites: (01.08.2014)

2014 Catholic Bloggers Link-Up Blitz

Today, I am linking up with Moxie Wife for Five Favorites, and The Catholic Bloggers Network for the Catholic Blogger's Blitz. That is how I roll. 

I have come across some really special Catholic items lately, and wanted to share with you all. I work to incorporate our faith into my daily interactions with the kids, and sometimes you just need some visual aids!

This one is sort of a funny story. Right before we made the move to Texas, my one and only crucifix broke. Jesus' nails came out, literally. He was only hanging on by His feet. I had the two, tiny nails and I was going to repair Him once we moved, but they have disappeared. Anyway, I was looking to show a little school spirit and browsed my college's gift store for a Benedictine-inspired crucifix, but was unimpressed. I promptly forgot about it until I opened my Christmas present from my Mom.

Yep. That is the Benedictine medal. She didn't even realize that is what it was. Total, happy, blessed accident. God is wonderful. (My mom is pretty rad, too!)

Tiny Saints are the cutest thing ever. Krystin at My Clones in Action once clicked on something related to the Tiny Saints Facebook page and they are just the cutest, tiniest things! Case in point:
The coolest thing? They have rosaries, and bracelets (Including one with all female saints.) , and a necklace to put the charms on. All kid-friendly and priced fantastically! I am looking for ways to start to introduce the Communion of Saints to the kids, and I will take all of them, please. The stories of the saints have made such an impact on my life that I want to teach my children from the start that asking the saints to pray with us is a beautiful thing. (I need the reminder as well!)

Catholic artists. I keep seeing this print circulating, and I always stop to admire the beauty of the painting and the subject matter.

The artist talks about Our Blessed Mother and Adoration in her comments on the piece and it gives me an entirely new way to look at the print! I love that the Catholic Church acknowledges women in the grand way that we do. Women and men both have important roles in our Church history, present, and future. What a beautiful reminder!


.When I taught Totus Tuus, I had The Pieta Prayer Book (readily available at most Catholic bookstores) and I prayed the Prayer to St. Joseph (Prayer Through? Prayer with? Hmmm....) I read it often without connecting that it was a novena...

...Fast forward to last January, and I began my novena praying with Mary Undoer of Knots. It was a doozy of an experience, but truly lovely. Novenas. For real. I am new to the novena crowd, mostly because I have a hard time remembering to do anything, except eat, nine days in a row. The experience of praying a novena (for me, at least) is one of change. I always start off with a set intention, and it is rather incredible to see how that intention morphs and molds into something so incredibly less selfish than the intention with which I began. I'll say it again: God is incredible.


  1. I had been so anxious about choosing such a personal gift... when I got it home and realized that it was a Benedictine medal, I felt such a sense of affirmation that I admit, I cried a little. I'm glad you like it!

    1. I love it! I am also very happy to have the little ones to put in bedrooms. Perfect!

  2. I totally need to check out Tiny Saints. The convert in me just gets overwhelmed when teaching the faith to my kids sometimes.

    1. I get overwhelmed also. When I was teaching CCD or anything else, it was all good, but now that I am responsible for teaching them everything, it looks like a mountain. I can see conversations about the Tiny Saints happening organically and I am all about being reminded to tell the kids things! :)


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