Monday, December 16, 2013

Twitterature (12.16.2013)

Today I am linking up with Modern Mrs Darcy for Twitterature! I am trying to get myself revved up to finish reading one last book for the year, and to get the momentum going I need to finish reading my 2014 list in 2014. So here we go: some fast reviews of the books I actually read!

Mad in America: A well-researched, detailed, and fascinating look at the evolution of the treatment of mental illness in America. Truly eye opening.

The Internet is a Playground: David Thorne does all the things we want to do when we are asked silly or useless questions. Great pallet cleanser!

The Big Book of Women Saints: A look at the lives of women saints, including quotes from many. It gave me a connection and helped me relate to these holy women.

The Sum of My Parts: This book takes you through the devastating abuse Trujillo lived through, and gives a glimpse at what life is like living with mental illness. Lots of tears, but hope as well.

Dad is Fat: Read it in two days! Gaffigan gives a humorous take on life with a big family. Buy his book! I hear he needs a bigger apartment!

Beyond the Sling: A quick read on attachment parenting. My first ever parenting book, and probably my last, but it was informative.

The Long Loneliness: I still have about 25 pages to read, but this is a look at life as an atheist turned Catholic convert who helped begin the Catholic Workers Movement. I appreciate her directness as well as how contrary it is to my own thought. Definitely has given me some things to think about and work through.

There you have it! Please visit the above link for more Twitterature! I'd also like to know: what have you read this year that makes you want to buy a copy for someone else?

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