Thursday, December 12, 2013

Overcoming Internet Sloth.

No, I don't mean that kind of sloth. I mean this kind of sloth.

Don't get me wrong. I have a super, fantastic neighbor that pushes me to get out of the house at least once a month, and children that require the occasional walk (my oldest son also likes to pee outside. Don't judge.) I also run a billion, million, trillion errands and I am active. 

The sort of soth I am afraid of, is research sloth. If I took the time to write "Get a Library Card" on my mile-long To-Do List, and I was patient enough to wait on inter-library loans, I might not have a stack of unread books that I am seriously DYING to read as I work my way through The Long Loneliness (in 45 minute, monthly increments.) Amazon is my friend and foe. I hear about a book online, I see how cheap it is and click buy, because leaving the house is hard. I have not purchased an e-reader, and I love owning books so I can read them and look at them and maybe one day make one of these:

or this:

Maybe I am dealing with a mix of sloth and gluttony. I want the books to loan and high light and study, but how often do I do this these days? I do not fancy myself a collector, but I do love my books and my future, imaginary library. 

The stack of books I was determined to read at the beginning of 2013:

I still have a few pages to go in Mad in America, but I think I get where he is going with it so I doubt I pick it back up (I need the time for other books)  and I did finish Beyond the Sling, but I never cracked the others. Fail. I did read My Dad is Fat though. And buy/ be gifted seven others. At least. 

So, I conclude that I really need to read the books I have. I need a book group, or an extra two hours a day to read. It is normal to function on three hours of sleep, right? Right, then. When I am done checking out the new releases and recommendations online, I will fill you in on my new and improved reading list. Don't hold your breath.

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