Monday, December 2, 2013

A Few Advent Favorites

This year, I am completely, over the moon excited about Advent and Christmas. I am not sure why: it promises to be busy and hectic, but I am bubbling over with happiness that December is finally here! So, here is a list for you, for no particular reason:


I have to start with O Come, O Come Emmanuel. Have. To. Start. And I just found a Bad Religion cover. What?!
Advent wreaths. 
I made this last year:

Here is my wreath. I bought it before kids, and it gives me a heart attack pulling it out each year. Hence the above craft project with the kids!

This is a new favorite: the Saint Andrew Christmas Novena. The prayer is beautiful. It is my first year saying it, but I am so glad that I was introduced to the prayer! Thanks, Cathsorority ladies!

Honestly? Experiencing everything as my children do it for the first few times of their lives. Telling them the story of Christ and how we are waiting for his birth. Figuring out how our family will handle the St. Nick/Santa/Christ issue. Laughing and starting our own traditions. It is just a beautiful time of year!

This looks to be a new Advent tradition: cooking a turkey dinner! So I just have to say that I am looking forward to eating this:

How are you preparing this Advent?

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