Sunday, August 18, 2013

WIWS (08.18.2013)

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Boy howdy, what a crazy morning! For three weeks now I have been meaning to snap a photo for What I Wore Sunday, because I have been baby wearing again and I wanted to talk about the carrier a little bit. The first week Frankie boy pooped on me, then last week I left the Ergo in the car due to teething induced sleep deprivation. Third week is a charm!

White nursing tank: Undercover Mama
White/Tan striped shirt: NY&Co
Black/Gray Ergo
Black maxi skirt: Old Navy

Husband was too busy dancing in the parking lot to take a full shot of the outfit. Literally. The above shot was the only one that did not look like this:

I have been making time to read the readings before Mass again, and I also had seen some chatter about homilies from the Cathosorority ladies, so I was trying to be prepared. Unfortunately, here is the run down of Mass highlights:

- Noticing that my son not only has his shoes on the wrong feet, but both socks on wrong (in two different ways, of course) AND his pants were on backwards.

-Husband was attacked by a bee in the parking lot. It may or may not have flown out of our daughter's stuffed cow's tail. 

- I was flummoxed over the guitar player that was preaching after Communion. I was completely distracted by the Gandalf--looking gentlemen and why he was adding his own homily to the Mass. Then Father asked us all to be seated and John Michael Talbot was introduced and I felt really dumb. 

I don't know where my head was today. I had intended to write a post that thanked the Ergo for keeping Frankie comfy during Mass so I have the ability to focus a bit more and help the older two kids to pay attention. Then today happened. 

Oh well. We will keep trying!


  1. Haha! I think we needed a picture of what your son wore on Sunday! :)

  2. Sounds like it was a little chaotic yesterday. At least you made it there and you managed to write a post at all. You definitely look happy :-)


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