Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Biggest Fear

When I take a moment to reflect on how exactly I came to know and love Catholicism, it always brings me to tears. I am not a particularly emotional person. I usually only cry when I am infuriated. My parents did their best to raise me Catholic, and though the majority of my family doesn't really practice their faith anymore, some how it stuck. Somehow I ended up in college with a group of rather incredibly faithful Catholics. Somehow, I was hired on to teach for the Totus Tuus program. I transferred to a Catholic college and I keep learning the intricacies of my faith.

This faith that I love so much is largely misunderstood in so many ways, and it deeply saddens me. There is a beauty and mystery to the church that so few know. 

My vocation calls me to pass on this understanding to my children and that is no small task. Sometimes I am truly terrified that I do not have what it takes. 

I pray that I do.


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