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Five Favorites (08.21.2013) Baby Items

I have never linked up with Moxie Wife before for Wednesday Five Favorites, and I decided this week would be a good week to do it as Thomas over at Fuller Life put out a call for baby gear tips. I try to keep baby gear simple, so a limit of five items to gush about seems appropriate! (I am leaving out a few of the obvious things like diapers and carseats.) So this is a double link up for

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Neutral Clothing

This is something I am so glad I started with my first! We do not find out if we are having a boy or a girl, so most of the clothing that I have from 0-18 months is neutral. As I have noted in the past (see here and here) I am a very picky shopper when it comes to clothing, and when babies are, well, babies, I just try to have clean clothes! I stick to colorful sleepers, onesies and jumpers. (I call onesies that are shorts 'jumpers' I don't know if that is what they are called or not!) Button or zipper, though I prefer buttons because I don't have to completely undress for a diaper change. 
Jumper example. Ignore the insanity.

A Place to Sit Baby Down (or Two)

I love my babies, and I love to snuggle, but you will be happy to have a place to sit Baby down while you take a bathroom break. The two things I use and love can easily be narrowed down to one, but we have a baby frog (can be replaced with a blanket, for easy spit up removal that does not include upholstery cleaning) for the couch and a bouncer. 

Couch Frog

Handy photo opp bouncer

Some Sort of Carrier

This is a new one for me. I love my strollers, and I love how they made me feel like I was a badass, and able to leave the house with my one baby and then with a toddler and a baby. Then came number three. It started with a free coupon for a sling and I was hooked. I have three carriers: a Seven Sling (13 bucks shipping), a Baby K'Tan($50), and an Ergo (I think they tend to run $120, but I bought mine on sale on Zulily for $70). The sling was nice for the first few weeks, but I felt like baby was squished. I like the easy of the K'Tan (less wrapping than a Moby) but the Ergo is really my favorite. I have heard there are ways to try out different carriers before you buy them. Anyway, here are examples of the three:
Random lady wearing a K'Tan
Seven Sling
An "On the Go" Plan

If you are not much for traveling, then this might not apply to you, but a well-stocked diaper bag is key for us. We cloth diaper at home, but as they say, ain't nobody got time for that on the road! I keep ten diapers, a large pack of wipes, a nursing cover, a changing pad, a change or two of clothes per kid, sometimes an extra shirt for me, a gallon (or travel size, whatev) of hand sanitizer and a clean space in the Pilot for a quick change. On the road, gas stations and restaurants cannot be trusted to have clean restrooms, let alone a changing station. Unlike the floor of a public rest stop, I know where the inside of my vehicle has been so we do a quick change in the vehicle on the road. 
We take travel seriously, yo.

Reading Material

I am one of those book nuts, so this is what I usually give at baby showers and early birthdays especially. Kids love to be read to and it is just my favorite! Here are two of my favorite book series, because they are entertaining, visually fun, and my children do not get bored with them easily:

Baby Lit: These are primers based on the classics. I am obsessed. 

Every kid in my house loves these books, even me.

That's Not My...: We have the book That's Not My Monster, and my kids love it so much it is one of my favorite gifts for babies! Each page has a different texture to it (fluffy, spiky, furry, etc.) and my kids have all eaten monster ear because of this book. If monsters aren't your thing, there are puppies, monkeys, fairies, pirates and at least twenty others from which to choose.

No monsters were harmed during the making of this book.


  1. I love my ergo(s)! I just got that same one from Zulily and love the print :) Babywearing is a definite must, especially with twins!


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