Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day Three: Seven Posts in Seven Days

I am still on board for Jen's Seven Posts in Seven Days. Follow the link for more bloggers participating. There are some great posts linked up!

As it is nearly eight months into the year and I have hardly mentioned Cathofeminism's patron saint for 2013, I thought I would talk a little bit about her.

First off, the Patron Saint Generator misspelled the name and had this saint listed as a he!

St. Frances of Rome is indeed a woman. She lived from 1384 until 1440, and was incredibly stubborn. She knew from the early age of eleven that she was being called to be a nun, but had to convince her wealthy father not to marry her off instead. She didn't succeed, and the whirlwind lifestyle her husband was accustomed to took its toll on her quickly. She collapsed, unable to move or speak. During this time she had a vision of St. Alexis that convinced her she needed to live to glorify God.

She went on to have children, but a difficult famine and hard times left her outliving two of her children. She started a lay order of women attached to the Benedictines called the Oblates of Mary. She moved in with the order and was made Superior after her husband's death. She only lived the life she had felt called to since the age of eleven for four years until her death.

Reading about her life story leaves me a bit reflective. Has there been a time in your life where you felt with all your heart you were called to something, but it was as though God was telling you "Not yet."? Admittedly, I feel a little sad that she only lived the life she dreamed of as a child for four years, but she certainly did not take her life with her husband for granted. She genuinely cared about him! I am certain I have room for improvement when it comes to being open to God's will in my life. I can see why St. Frances is a solid choice for Cathofeminism!

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to this saint. I definitely relate to the waiting period--I'd like to convert but my husband isn't on board. Sometimes it doesn't make sense that God would say "not yet" to that, but I know it's helping me learn patience and trust in the long run.


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