Monday, June 24, 2013

An Update

I <3 road trips. This is pure awesome.

It has been a little while since I have been able to write (I know... I owe you a Part Two!) but soon, very soon! We had a bit of a life update: we moved to Houston! As this followed pretty closely on the heels of a baby being born and a big deal Baptism, my hands have just been full.

Some good news though:

1. I will definitely have a new post up over at GSP soonish. It is written and scheduled for the first week of July sometime. (It is sort of a repeat though.)

2. The Part Two is mostly written, it is just in my head. As soon as I have a few hours to pound it out in the middle of all the fun and exciting details a cross-country move involves, I hope it blows your mind. Or starts conversation. Whatev.

3. I have a couple other posts in draft that I am really excited about. The Cathofeminism community keeps expanding, little by little and that makes me really happy. I saw that I had a few folks on Tumblr share some things like crazy a few weeks ago and that blew my mind since I have no idea what a Tumblr is! Now I want one.

4. Share! What is your favorite post? What kinds of things do you want to be reading more about? What can I do to encourage more of your participation? Shoot me an email, write a comment, join the Facebook community and share, share, share! I love talking about all things Cathofeminism, so tell me what is on your mind. I want to expand the range of topics here, and I need your input!


  1. Big moves can be exciting and fun, but what a lot of stress, too! Good luck with all of the craziness.

  2. You are one of the bravest women I know! :)


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