Monday, December 3, 2012

Kasandra Perkins

As I am sure most of you have heard, an NFL player shot and killed Kasandra Perkins. She was the mother of his three month old child.

Most reports of the story seem to be focusing on the fact that he then drove to the stadium and shot himself. I have already heard this story being used as an example to be used in favor of gun control. I have heard and read multiple reports of how devoted he was and what a shame it was that his legacy was cut short.

This post will not mention his name, because my focus these past few days has been on mourning his victim, Kasandra Perkins. He left his 3 month old daughter, Zoey without a mother and father.

It has been suggested that perhaps if the murderer had not been famous, there would not be as much focus on the perpetrator instead of on his victim, Kasandra. I call BS. There are reports day in and day out of husbands (estranged or otherwise) taking the lives of not only their spouses, but often their children before taking their lives. The headlines read “Husband Snaps” and relatives say “He was under stress.”

So what is the truth of the matter? It is all unacceptable. Regardless of whether or not there was textbook domestic violence within the relationship, Kasandra died at the hands of the man that was supposed to love her and protect her. Kasandra died at the hands of the father of her child. Even if there had been no pattern of violence or coercive behavior, she was killed by her intimate partner.

Instead of mourning the loss of this man’s “legacy” I will mourn the loss of Zoey’s mother, Kasandra.

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