Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Voted: A Link Up

Today, I voted.

I would like to write about how I stood in line thinking of the early activists that fought for women to have this right, and how I ran home to watch Iron Jawed Angels in celebration of my right to vote.(Totally wish I owned that movie.) The truth is less glamorous: I stood in line for 20 minutes trying to review the billion amendments I needed to vote on while entertaining my two sugar hangovers as they played outside amid the fire ants and then just tried to keep them out of the way as I flipped through the three pages of double-sided sheets. We then loaded my vote into the machine, collected our stickers, and posed by the car to commemorate the event. I will walk around wearing my early voter sticker all day, and then transfer it to my church clothes when I go to Mass tonight, because I am proud to be an informed voter.

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