Friday, November 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes

So, I am trying not to jump directly from Thanksgiving into Christmas as Advent has not even started, but I have been seeing some really great things this year for kids. As I have written in the past, I have a big problem with the way we market to our children. I have a son and a daughter, and while their interests vary, we work hard to make sure that they can play with what they want to. My daughter loves to play with her brother's Hot Wheels and my son likes the My Little Ponies. (Why they though a show about horses had to be specific to girls, I will never know. He likes animals too!) So, I thought I would use my Quick Takes contribution this week to talk about toys I have seen that are really great for kids, not just girls or boys.

--- 1 ---
For younger kids: Just B. Toys
My kids LOVE these toys. They come in all kinds of crazy colors, and I am so glad we invested in some of the bigger ticket items early on, because they hold up and are durable. Here is my favorite thing we have: the block sets.
Photo: Barnes&

--- 2 ---
Coolest Packaging: Laser Pegs
How cool is it that the right there on the package it states "The Ultimate toy for kids"?! I love that someone recognizes that girls like thing that light up and appreciate colors other than pink. I think these things are pretty cool.

--- 3 ---
Books I want to read with my kids: Babylit
These are also for younger kids, but they have classics like Moby Dick in board book form. I really like the illustrations also. As someone that loved the book Great Expectations from a very young age, I am holding out that they add it to the collection!

--- 4 ---
Amazing Personalization: Child's Own Studio
This site takes one of your child's drawings and converts it into doll form. SO COOL. I can't even begin to describe it to you. I love looking through all the transformations. It is a bit pricey, but just such a great idea.

--- 5 ---
Best Christmas Purchase: Little People Christmas Nativity Set
I bought ours last year at Target and the kids play with it year around. I love that I have a kid-friendly nativity to display and that we can talk about all the characters. It really is awesome.

--- 6 ---
Best thing I have seen as a new feminist: Goldie Blox
Engineering toys geared towards getting girls interested in engineering. Brilliant. I want one.

--- 7 ---
Coolest Catho gift: Courtney & Cassidy's Creations
Not only are you supporting a small business owner, you get a great Catholic figure! There are so many cool dolls on this site. Check them out!

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  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your post from Conversion Diary, I saw the picture of the blocks there and I had to click! I just bought those same blocks on sale at Target for my one year old nephew, and I was hoping to hear they were a good toy for little ones! I just loved the colors.

  2. We have the number set and the alphabet set... they are just great! Soft enough for little little ones and the colors and designs are so much fun. Really awesome blocks!

  3. the Alphaberry I had gotten for Cal went over so well with him, that we bought one for Tiffini's son, Jax. HE loved it so much that he went to bed with it, and screamed if they tried to take it away from him. YAY Target!

    1. He STILL goes to bed with it and is very upset when his sister steals it. It is a very popular toy. I have just adored every one of the toys we bought that are Just B.

  4. GoldieBlox is certainly going to get a lot of mileage out of us new feminists :) Too bad we have to wait til April... But still. Thanks for all the other ideas - I have beautiful, crazy nieces and nephews and always like to find things that are different, and not tv character driven.


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