Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday Theme Day!

This Friday, there is a bit of a theme for my Quick Takes. I call it:
The List of Completely False and Crazy Accusations That Follow When I Tell People I Did Not and Will Not Vote for Barack Obama.
--- 1 ---
"You are a racist." Who'd of thunk that doing something as simple as being an informed citizen that chooses to exercise her hard-earned right to vote would make someone a racist?

--- 2 ---
"You hate women." Last time I checked, I am a woman. So if this is true, there is some serious self loathing going on here. Folks have really let themselves believe what the media and Planned Parenthood are telling them about women that want real solutions. So, is this what I must look like if I do not hate women?

--- 3 ---
"You hate poor people and want them to die." No joke, this one is verbatum. Which branch is that of Catholic Social Teaching again?

--- 4 ---
"You don't want rich people to pay any taxes." You caught me. I really am trying to land an invite to a fancy party on an island only rich people know about.
--- 5 ---
"You don't want free health care?!" This is less of an accusation and more of a Crazy Disbelief Response. I use the word crazy because these people still think the AHA is free.
--- 6 ---
"You want to control women and outlaw abortion and birth control." While I would have no qualms outlawing abortion and contraception that acts as an abortafacient, I would rather we offered women comprehensive health care solutions instead of bad medicine, so I suppose this is partially true. Here is an example of something I could get behind:

--- 7 ---
"You are a bigot and a racist." A variation on "You are a racist." but I hear it so often and immediately, that I can only assume it is truly easier to dismiss my argument against President Obama (or, as in the photo from RevealingPolitics, Ron Paul) if the other person convinces themself I am just full of hatred.

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  1. actually, i'd just say "ok..." if i found out you weren't voting for obama. i'd disagree but you're a big girl and you have the right to vote your conscience.

  2. I have no qualms with respectful disagreement. It often leads to important discussions. I take issue with ridiculous accusations that are meant to insult and bully me into shame or agreement. This was a list of the ridiculous accusations I have heard.


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