Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daniel Tosh

Arrived in the mail this afternoon
 I am posting this for perspective. I am not posting it to offend anyone, and I absolutely am not taking his side, but this incident does not make me want to sign a petition for his show to be canceled. Am I just too desensitized to this kind of thing? I get his sense of humor: push the joke until only one person is laughing or gets it. He is not my favorite comedian, but I do laugh at his jokes and there are an awful lot of women's groups telling me I should not feel as conflicted as I do about this. Given I should completely not be watching his show in the first place given the vulgarity he goes with, but I like laughing at the stupid things people do on the Internet.

Updated: I have been thinking about this for most of the afternoon, and then I opened my mail this afternoon to find that my Murder Ink sticky notes arrived in the mail. I found these on Amazon and as I am a habitual list maker and Post-It user I had to have them. My planner pages would be funnier with to-do lists on these sticky notes.
TV really has desensitized me to fake murder in a way. I also have a little bit of a morbid sense of humor: my favorite author is Poe. I really love Nightmare Before Christmas. I would not think twice of someone joking about death, but I bristle at rape. Am I not desensitized to rape as well? I was a domestic and sexual violence advocate. I watch Law & Order: SVU reruns. When it is in a stand-up though, I bristle. So I ask: Are rape jokes off limits and murder jokes are not? I know this has much to do with an individual's taste level. My friend compared it to Sarah Silverman's stunt a few months ago. I think the Tosh comment is comparable to the Silverman post. Both are not funny and in poor taste. As I noted in the comments below, I think I am more bothered by the implication that because I do find his other non-rape realted material funny and that I am not signing a petition for his show to be yanked that I am not self respecting or that I am an idiot. Those kinds of posts go against what I am trying to do here, and I think it is a good opportunity for an examination of ourselves more than anything. I had a few really great conversations about this today. I also saw some pretty hate filled conversations.
That is enough for now. I might have more to say later!


  1. I think most comedian's with shows review their work. The rape joke was not something that just came out w/o any thought. That bothers me. The heckling back was very upsetting. Although I think his initial joke was crass, rude, and ugly, I would understand from a comedian's POV that he needed to say something to someone who calls him out. That being said, he could have made fun of her clothes or something about her. Instead, he responded with a joke about her being gang raped. That says all I need to know about how "sorry" he really is. I think it is important to remember this is the the first time he has utilized rape jokes.

    1. I think what I am most resistant to here, is that because I am not willing to storm the castle and demand his head, that I am not a self- respecting woman. I say wildly inappropriate things when cornered and they do not reflect my truest feelings. I am not questioning the inappropriateness, but I do question it when people think they know if he is really sorry. I know that if laughing at the Dr.Pepper Ten ads did not revoke my card-carrying feminist status that this will for sure, but again I am not comfortable with his comments. We should not be comfortable with rape.


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